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Kevin Frick, Fine Art Photographer

Clarksburg, West Virginia

Publications and Honors:  Wonderful West Virginia Magazine (multiple issues), State of West Virginia Government website portal feature selection, Only in West Virginia publication, The Maple Leaf publication, Tri-State Arts Association jury selection, Citizens Bank of WV 2017 calendar winner, and Tamarack Foundation for the Arts select member. 

Embedding a passion for the world around us in natural light: Inspiring others to ensure our children have more than images to experience the nature, culture, and beauty of our planet.

Hope is carried through conversations inspired by beauty and emotion: My children have taught me to slow down, breathe and see the beauty around me as I once did as a child myself walking through the mountains with my grandmother. I will always be learning through the lens, to listen, smell, touch, and feel again.

Explore the Images, rediscover the senses of a former self: Limited number of signed photographs are available for purchase in framed print or canvass. Please contact for availability and pricing. Or, create a unique expression for your home or business, recapture or create memories through personalized image creation.

Workshops and private lessons available.

Please come and visit my fine art gallery to view my best work in a variety of formats and sizes.  We are located at 43 South Boxcar Lane in Lost Creek, West Virginia.  Situated just off of I79 at the four-way intersection in the Family Matters Building.


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