Kevin Frick, Fine Art Photographer

Clarksburg, West Virginia

Publications and Honors:  Wonderful West Virginia Magazine (multiple issues), State of West Virginia Government website portal feature selection, Only in West Virginia publication, The Maple Leaf publication, Tri-State Arts Association jury selection, Citizens Bank of WV 2017 calendar winner, and Tamarack Foundation for the Arts select member. 

Embedding a passion for the world around us in natural light: Inspiring others to ensure our children have more than images to experience the nature, culture, and beauty of our planet.

Hope is carried through conversations inspired by beauty and emotion: My children have taught me to slow down, breathe and see the beauty around me as I once did as a child myself walking through the mountains with my grandmother. I will always be learning through the lens, to listen, smell, touch, and feel again.

Explore the Images, rediscover the senses of a former self: Limited number of signed photographs are available for purchase in framed print or canvass. Please contact for availability and pricing. Or, create a unique expression for your home or business, recapture or create memories through personalized image creation.


Kevin Frick Photography, LLC
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